sprouse x louis vuitton and gap x pantone

Even with the barrage of collaborations these day, there is always a large amount of hype surrounding them.  Lately, everyone has been fiending over the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse collaboration.  And judging by the number of posts, I’m the only one that is somewhat disgusted with it.  I think people love the hype and not the actual design.

picture-11Those are currently all the products available at ELuxury, and everything is pretty ugly.  And the release of an $8000 skateboard set?  Don’t get me started.  I’m not trying to discredit Stephen Sprouse’s work, but I just think Louis may have traveled a little too far off the reservation.  Pharrell designing jewelry, Kanye doing shoes, and now this collaboration?  Return to your roots and continue doing what you do best – high quality leather goods.  Okay, keep the KW x LV shoes…I just think they’ve got too much on their plate and trying to reinvent themselves as hip but they shouldn’t.  Save your money on that stuff and buy this LV humidor.

Classic, well-made, and absolutely beautiful.  Exactly what Louis Vuitton should be.

On the other hand, a read today about the new Pantone pop-up store with Gap and that definitely is an interesting collaboration.  Gap has been doing a great job lately expanding their image; they worked with Phillip Lim and other designers on a t-shirt collaboration, and Colette recently was the partner on a pop-up store.  “The” product to have from the Pantone store is the mimosa colored t-shirt, an exclusive to the pop-up store that opens February 8th.

“Pantone describes the color as having seven characteristics, optimistic, hopeful, reassuring, warm, cheerful, radiant, and versatile which they feel are the most relevant to the next twelve months.”

Simple and perfect.  Images courtesy of Selectism and ELuxury.


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