obama x ikea?

What do the President-elect and the Swedish furniture company Ikea have in common?  More than one would think.

The tight economy has inspired Ikea to offer a fiscally responsible furniture option to incoming president Barak Obama for his oval office. The furniture retailer recently created a mock-up of the office in the main hall of the Union subway station. Along with the mock-up, a website called Embrace Change 09 has been established. For now it is counting down to move in day, but visitors can leave an email address for updates on the project.


Seriously?  Does Ikea really think that even in these hard financial times that Obama is going to drive his Cadillac One to the local Ikea, eat the famous swedish meatballs and look for a nice lounge chair?

I’ve got to be missing how this is a genius plan from Ikea.  I agree you can use Obama’s popularity, but do you think he’s going to redecorate?

From Kempt via PSFK.


One response to “obama x ikea?

  1. I personally think that they actually should have tried to point out how much IKEA’s policies have in common with the new administration: http://www.ikeafans.com/blog/tag/obama/ . I’m not exactly impartial ;), but I really do think it’s a deeper subject than it appears on the surface.

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