flickr homes / apts. part iii

In what seems to be my only reoccuring feature on here, here are some new places I found and fell in love with.  As always, pictures are from all over – I don’t mean to discredit the owners/photographers but I just have too many pictures to keep track.  Let’s begin:


I believe this was posted on AT because of the fact it had three prints hanging in a square formation – but didn’t hang up a fourth.  Lots of colors, neutral carpet and a really funky chair are what I like about this one.


For how much time everyone spends in the kitchen, I think it’s ironic when people skimp here.  This house/apt. obviously pulled out all the stops.  I really like the stainless smoke hood and the high-gloss white cabinets make this kitchen look good.  Not too much a fan of the walls or flooring, and everything else may be a little too clean and perfect.

Aside from the Apple TV and vintage poster prints, I need that stuffed animal.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s from Where the Wild Things Are.  Antiques and collectibles are something I find really interesting but oftentimes ugly.  But this person made the room very comfortable and unique.


The two above pictures are from this industrial building turned home/work-space in Atlanta.  My dream home would definitely look very similar to this.  My only beef is with the bedroom/living room/dining room – that ceiling would look much better repainted all white.


Simply classic.


This makes me regret throwing away a lot of my magazines.  Not sure what magazine that is (wallpaper?) but I definitely like it.  And does anyone know what those 001-333, 667-999 and 334-666 books are?  I’ve seen them before but can’t seem to figure it out online.  EDIT: Found the books.


This is what you do when you need a few different machines.  1. Buy matching stainless appliances.  2. Throw them on a nice matching cart.  And 3. give them proper color.  I think even without the orange watering pot, the green dog and red mug would have been sufficient.

So many more pictures.  When I actually do have my own apartment, it’s going to be so hard to narrow down what I want.  I need very little but want a lot.


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