j’s on my feet

Unfortunately, Jordan Brand has been greatly dissapointing lately.  With each release, I can’t seem to figure out if I want to buy three pairs or never buy a Jordan again.  The 2009 Jordan doesn’t look very promising, and that new 60+ shoe (a shoe combining designs from the shoes MJ wore when scoring more than 60 points) looks horrendous.  Even the Countdown Packs were questionable – quality was a major concern compared to the retros done in the past.  And the Fusion line is no different.  I can’t tell whether or not it is genius – combining the Air Force 1 sole with the upper of classic Jordans – or a marketing ploy.

They’ve already done the 12s, 3s, 5s, 6s and the 4s look to be next.  Just like the Infrared 6 Fusions, the Bred 4s look good but in a different way from the original Bred 4s.

See what I mean?  Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with classics.  And I still can’t decide if Jordan has murdered the classic 4 or reinvented it.  While I passed on the 3s I think I’ll pick up a pair of these when they hit outlets.  And the 6s as well.  The sole is so comfortable and for 1/3 of the price for retro 4s or 6s, a very nice deal.

Photo and info from Kix and the City and Marquee Sole.


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