buzz rickson fall 09 preview

There are some brands that just define a niche product so well that the competition may as well quit.  Brands such as Nike, Apple, Polo, etc – just completely dominate a market.  Buzz Rickson is that type of brand when it comes to reproduction military/classic wear.  There may be other brands that produce a comparable product – but overall, Buzz Rickson has no comparison.  And fortunate for you, they’ve just released a preview of their Fall 09 line.  (Info courtesy of SlamXHype).

Just like every other season, everything shown is something that’ll last a lifetime.  You can pick them up soon at Sugar Cane/Buzz Rickson dealers, notably Self Edge and Blue In Green in the US.  And for me, I am in love with the Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1:

One day, that’s what I keep telling myself.


One response to “buzz rickson fall 09 preview

  1. History Preservation is a good source for Sugarcane/Buzz Rickson here in the USA.

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