because the white house isn’t subleasing

What’s the next best thing besides living in the White House?  Living in a replica, of course.  According to the Atlanta Journal,

For the last seven years, almost as long as President Bush has been in Washington, Mr. Milani, an Iranian-American home developer, has lived in a scaled-down version of the presidential mansion in Atlanta. A private Xanadu for Mr. Milani, a headache for neighbors and a destination for camera-wielding gawkers, the 16,500-square-foot home has become a kooky symbol of this boom-boom city’s ever-growing residential skyline.

But now, like the current occupant of the real White House, Mr. Milani is planning to leave his home.

Empty out that piggybank.  Mr. Milani has placed the house on the market at $9.88 million.  His future plans?

When asked where he will live next, Mr. Milani said he did not know. But he proposed, half-seriously, “I may build the Congress building across the street.”

Full article here and via Digg.


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