barely dead – a rollerblading documentary

I was really into rollerblading from about 1997-2004.  I try to keep up with what is going on, and althought it released some time ago, I just caught the trailer for “Barely Dead”, a documentary about the history of rollerblading.

I ended up watching the entire movie and is incredibly good.  It details the history of rollerblading back to the 1760’s and explains why rollerblading is at the place it is at today.  Even if you are a skateboarder, I think it’s a worthwhile watch.  I feel like a lot of people feel the need to make fun of rollerbladers without really any reason.  We do have a pretty good sense of humor (remember this post?) but sometimes things go a little too far.  And hopefully after watching a section of one of my favorite skaters, you’ll have a bit more respect for what rollerbladers can do.  Presenting Brian Aragon in Razor’s team video Ego:


One response to “barely dead – a rollerblading documentary

  1. WORD! I haven’t skated in years, used to love dominic sagona, pretty much all of the USD team. Good looks, really brings back memories!!!

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