two classic music videos

Okay, so they aren’t that old.  But both are great songs that never got a lot of airplay (or not enough).  First, the more romantic one by Ruben Studdard – “What If”.  I never was into American Idol (I dislike reality TV in general) but this dude does work on a microphone.  And the concept behind the video is chill – I love when they’re on the train together.  And doesn’t he look like LeBron James’ with an extra 100 pounds?

And secondly, Colby O’Donis’ “What You Got”.  Love the girl in this video with the Gucci headband who is supposedly Kobe’s wife (peep the license plate).  Akon definitely knows how to pick artists – first Colby and now he is on Lady GaGa I think.

Oh and Colby can actually play some guitar too.


One response to “two classic music videos

  1. Ohh Robert. Your dads music taste may have rubbed off on you. AND- you don’t like TV? Since When?

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