if you’ve got an urban outfitters gift card

With all these crazy sales, it can be a hard task to figure out where to go, what to buy, and is this really a deal?  I’m not going to do all your homework for you, but here are my personal picks for Urban Outfitters sale.

  • South Park ornaments – Kyle, Stan, Cartman.  $1.99 marked down from $12?  Buy all three and save for next year.
  • Ring Bottle Opener – $8.  Technically not on sale, but a steal at $8.  There are quite a few ingenious ways of carrying around a bottle opener with you, but it always seems like whenever you need one, you forgot it at home.  And you’ll definitely be able to impress a few ladies with your McGiver like skills.
  • The Leather Book – $20.  I know some people are going to hate this selection, but to be honest, reference books like these are always great to have or to leave on your coffee table.  I bought a coffee table book from UO a couple months ago and people love thumbing through it.  And in addition, just as the description says, leather does really stay immune to seasons or trends.  A classic leather jacket will always remain that – classic.
  • Converse Jack Purcell Leather – $50.  Readers may recognize these as being the gray version of the JP’s I picked up last week.  Indeed, that is exactly what they are.  I have worn my brown leather JP’s everyday this past week because they just look so good with khakis or jeans, and they are almost as comfortable as slippers.  Definitely recommended to purchase.

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