i’ve been stalking homes on flickr again

Just joking.  I’ve been saving a lot of pictures in the past couple days and wanted to do a new post with cool homes or setups I’ve seen.  Here we go (in no particular order at all):

8_24_08_paolak_jamesp2250Definitely a relaxing and minimalist kitchen.  I like how the stools slide under the countertop.  Usually kitchens are the hang out spot though and the severe lack of seating could be an issue.  Other than that – everything a bachelor needs (although no microwave?)


While I’m not a fan of the dining table and chairs, the rest of the room is really cool.  I like how the photographs are laid against the wall instead of hung, and that mannequin definitely adds some character to the room.  And I really like the floor lamp and pile of books – I’ve posted so many bookcases before but I think hardcovers stacked like that in the picture can add a flash of color to the room.


12-17-08white4White overload on this place, but I think its cool in an unliveable sort of way.  The huge windows in the living room would be really cool to have.  And the kitchen looks great, but overall, I think it’s too cold.  It’s a great idea, but I don’t think I could stay happy in a place like this.  I’d be too afraid to mess anything up….



Not from a modern design site, but these are shots of Yves Saint Laurent’s personal apartment.


Who thought firewood could actually be an accent piece?  Those two person table/benches also look nice – maybe a bit uncomfortable though.  And the cluttered/unkempt look of the books actually works here.  They even have an iPod speaker dock.

Piper Building

Piper BuildingThis is by far my favorite room I’ve seen recently.  Lots of white space, an Eames lounge chair chilling, what looks like floating stairs and probably some audiophile grade speakers in the background?  Move me in!  Again, all the artwork is leaning on the walls which I really think looks good.  Maybe it needs a couch though…

This was on AT from a spotlight on various DJ’s cribs.  Aside from the great looking furniture, that rug is absolutely perfect!  It looks almost like a cow hide but obviously much larger.  And those Scandyna speakers look fabulous in red.  I almost won a pair of black Scandyna speakers last night on eBay but was outbid – looks like I should hold out for a red pair.


Another DJ’s crib.  What the heck is that wooden chair/sculpture thing?  I don’t ever plan on having that many records but I think it works here.


Just a nice overview of a music producers desk.  Nothing too crazy – but the bin with all the pencils and stuff is a great idea.  Even the cords look good here.

That’ll be it for now…I’ve only gone through a portion of my photos.  You’ll notice a few things that I like in all homes/apartments: a. well maintained b. clutter-free and c. classic pieces.  First off, having anything is a waste if you treat it poorly.  Secondly, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of minimalism in practice, only in theory.  Thus, I would say that clutter-free is my preference – you only need what you are going to use.  A lot of decorating I see in people’s homes/places are based on some need for decoration – but for what function?  And pointless fake plants, candles, end tables, lamps and seating just look stupid (in my opinion).  And finally, you can’t go wrong with classic pieces.  Some of my favorite seating options are regarded as classics (most Eames pieces) and these items hold their values extremely well.  You can go a little crazy with other things but you probably shouldn’t mess with seating.  After all – there’s a reason why it’s a classic.

I challenge everyone with their own home/apartment/dorm/closet to look at what they have and re-evaluate if they really need it.  I think you’ll find a lot of things you keep for no apparent reason, and why keep what you won’t use?

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