tim hamilton’s scarf x hood x mittens

I’ve blogged about Tim Hamilton before, remember this incredible jacket?  Blackbird has a few more of his pieces, and Selectism recently blogged about this crazy hooded scarf thing (that’s the only way to explain it).  According to Blackbird, this $312 scarf is made from 100% wool and is made in Italy.  What is most unique though is that it is meant to be worn around the head (as a hood), wrap around your neck (as a scarf) and then has pockets at the end to put your hands into (as a pair of mittens).  Sound confusing?  Look at the model:

I know $312 is a lot to pay but there is a chance the item will make it to sale.  Blackbird has a lot of good sales and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit sub $200.  More information at Blackbird.


One response to “tim hamilton’s scarf x hood x mittens

  1. I have a friend that knit something like this for herself and she called it a scat. Throw the mittens in there though and it could get a little confusing.

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