new christmas kicks

I seem to always come back to school with more shoes than I left with, and so far, this break won’t be any different.

First up, I bought some brown leather Jack Purcells.  They definitely have a dressier feel to them and you’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable shoe.  A steal IMO at 50% off.

And then I went to the Nike Outlet and bought some new Air Force 1s.  I’ve always loved Air Forces but I haven’t been digging most of the recent releases.  These were marked down from $250 and feature premium leather, metal lace tips and nice details.  Oh – and my first pair of mids as well.  They were from the China Supreme collection.


And finally, my wonderful girlfriend treated me to some new slippers for around the house.  They are unbelievably comfortable and I can’t wait until they are completely broken in.


I’ve still got a few pairs to sell on eBay, but I’ve also got my eyes on some Aqua 8s, AM95 “Miami Vices”, Jordan Jumpmans and some other Forces.  We’ll see what else I pick up in the next three weeks – sales here I come!


One response to “new christmas kicks

  1. i desperately need some aqua 8’s. my fam peeped this north face ( on my blog and copped it for me. i’m not really an over the top matcher, but damn that would look ill.

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