if santa isn’t bringing you the 11/12 cdp

If you are like me and going to be without the elusive 11/12 Jordan Coundown Pack for Christmas – fear not.  Jordan Brand has just released pictures of some “Blue Sapphire” Air Jordan 1s.  While these aren’t comparable to the 11s, it is nice to see that Jordan Brand has some nice things planned for 2009.  The only Jordan 1s I’ve ever been into were the silver AJ1s from 2001:

These Blue Sapphire AJ1s definitely put a playful take on the legendary shoe.  Blue just seems to suit Jordans well, as the execution of aqua used on the 8s was top notch.

And the True Blue 3s?

Or the Eminem 4s?

Off topic, I know – but I made my point.  Anyway, here are the pictures of the Blue Sapphire AJ1s:

More information about the Blue Sapphire AJ1s is hereEDIT: Flight Club took down all my pictures so they are from a variety of sites (click to see originals).  As a result I removed the link to buy from FC – if they don’t help me I’m not going to help them.


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