visvim x supreme goodies

With a goliath of a collaboration, I am glad that Supreme x Visvim actually delivers.  Supreme is lending its hand to another hiking boot style, but instead of Timberland they are going with the uber-popular and pricey Visvim Serra and giving it some good color.  They also are releasing a Goretex jacket but the big stunners are the headwear.  Hopefully they reach a nice medium between Visvim and Supreme pricing, and if so, these will be looking pretty good:

Love that box cap collabo!  Check out the rest of the line at SlamXHype.


2 responses to “visvim x supreme goodies

  1. These are nice, the JP pricing has been converted roughly over on my site bro. Beanies are at 300 (cashmere) and the camp caps for 78.

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