some new kicks you need to kop

I’ve tried to wear Blazers before and they looked kind of goofy, but I can’t seem to stay away from them.  These are pretty unique – Nike’s ACG line hasn’t dropped anything good lately and these are pretty slick.  The brown and black colorway may be hard to rock but I think there is potential there.  Plus I know Urban Outfitters will get these and they’ll make it to sale because they are kind of questionable.  Maybe I’ll get my hike on with these.

Courtesy of Nice Kicks.

And I never really messed around with Dunks and have never lusted for Tiffs, but this just proves what weight DJ Clark Kent carries with Nike.  Known for his AF1 collection, Kent had these hybrids made with Tiffany Dunk uppers and Air Force 1 soles.  These actually look really good and Nike should definitely consider putting these into production.

And ladies, guys like Tiffanys too!  Info from Nice Kicks as well.


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