who’s been killing it lately? of course, skateboard p

Pharrell has been dressing to impress as of late.  No more clad head to toe in baggy BBC and trucker hats (joking), P’s been looking pretty fresh going with a more fitted look and rocking the occasional pair of Vans.

P.S. Photos go newest to oldest (approx)….

Pharrell Williams

Looking real Grease-ish here.  Peep the So-Me AF1’s and nicely faded denim.  And somehow, the earbuds help.  All the proportions here are on point.


This is a bit more P – BAPE belt, G-Shock, some cell phone holder and the hat.  The cardigan looks sick – more Polo steeze than BBC.


And P can dress up too!


And finally, chilling on the chair he designed.

It’s alright Pharrell.  After these fits, we forgive you for this:

w7n8yg1Yeah he’s got the W)Taps Chukkas and that ridiculous Hermes bag.  But the scarf and jacket and black shirt coming out underneath?  And seriously, give it up with the dog on the jeans…it doesn’t and has never looked good.  To quote Ari Gold, “Think of it as the Holocaust, never again!”


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