supreme x vans gets updated

Supreme sent out an email this morning releasing the official information for their new collaboratin with Vans.  Focusing on two not-so-popular models – the Old Skool and Mountain Edition, Supreme sets things off with premium leather uppers and insoles as well as nubuck suede.  I’m personally really into the Mountain Edition – they remind me of a Half Cab with an interesting toe strap.

picture-1This morning I was really into the green, but on second glance they might be a little too much.  Now I’m thinking the black looks really slick with the leather tab on the back.

picture-3How great do these look from the back?  Premium leather, checkered inside and the classic Vans tab.  And I’m hoping this is untanned leather that will age over time as well…

picture-4Online release is December 8th.  I’m hoping the price will be $98.  Less would of course be better, but I’m guessing a $98 price tag (for both Old Skool and Mountain Edition).  Let the hype begin at


One response to “supreme x vans gets updated

  1. My blog also deals with supreme and a lot of other stuff you talk about:

    I got the mountain editions in red, but I plan to skate the sh*t out of them!


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