black friday af1s update

Thanks to my buddy Ron, I got sent a Youtube clip of Bun B laying down a verse about the new Black Friday Air Force 1s.  It’s like a song-vertisement, as he even rhymes about where you can pick them up at on Friday.

“I heard they black, I could be wrong; if it’s some patent leather on ’em then it’s on”

Bun B is saying these are the “most anticipated sneaker ever”.  Personally, I don’t know about that.  Maybe anticipated because people know about them, but Clark Kent rocks exclusive 1 of 1s that he has said will absolutely never be produced.  And he wears them only once.  Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how DJ Clark Kent unveils these sneakers on Friday.  My guess would be a classy use of wrinkled patent leather and suede or ostrich.  I don’t forsee 3M or elephant print being utilized, but who knows…


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