this is what happens when you stalk people’s studios on flickr

Before I post the pictures, I do want to thank whomever’s studios/cribs these are.  I just saved a bunch of images for later inspiration and if anyone knows who gets the credit, I’d be glad to give it.  Anyway, here are some of the images I stumbled upon that were particularly good:

Probably the most grown up of the pictures.  I really like the style of those chairs and the strong amount of light plays well on the dark furniture.  Also, who doesn’t want one of those rolling ladders for bookcases?


Aside from the audiophile headphones, I like how this guy has a bunch of peripherals but doesn’t make them look nerdy.  The lighting is key on this as well.


This is artdsgnr’s (from Flickr & AT) crib.  I am tempted to post the entire thing, but I think it’s pretty inspiring.  I really like all the wall adornments – that colorful poster is sick as well as the bookshelves.  That green container on the far left is an old ammunitions container (I believe).  He seamlessly blends lux and vintage and new and old while still making your mind spin.


If I were a dentist, this is how I’d want to have my reception area styled.  All white – just like your teeth after I get done cleaning them.


Okay, this is here just for ridiculous-ness.  I’ve got no idea what all the LEDs are doing on the far right, or what this guy does.  This does kind of remind me of Stanley Jobson’s setup in Swordfish though.  Maybe he hates tabbed browsing and would rather have 6 windows of Firefox running simultaneously?  Or a mad scientist/hacker?



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