some new music you should be on but probably aren’t

To avoid the overbarrage of posts about 808s and HeartBreaks I decided not to post every single download link for Ye’s new tracks – they are easy enough to find themselves.  But I have gotten some new music, usually courtesy of Pretty Much Amazing! and here are my favorites:

Britney Spears “Circus” – Girls are going to be requesting this at the bar as soon as the album officially drops.  And when the chorus hits all those girls that think they have moves are going to try and bust one..can’t wait to see that!

Kevin Rudolf “NYC” – I’ve never heard of Mr. Rudolf before but when he teams up with Nas for a track about New York, you know it’s going to be sick.  An all around good chill song.

And I’ve got to do it (even though I said I wouldn’t): Kanye West “Tell Everybody That You Know” – I think Weezy might be hitting this one a bit harder than Yeezy, but I’m okay with it.  Everybody is hyping Streetlights but I’m going to hype this one.  And you’re welcome for the download link too.

And my Top 7 on iTunes for the week (if you think I don’t listen to my own picks):



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