i’m sorry mr. president elect

Being the recent recipient of an iPhone, I’ve grown incredibly accustomed to having my email/messages available to be 24/7.  Having to go back to a regular phone would be pretty difficult; not because the former is a necessity but rather because you get so used to all the benefits.  Anyway, it looks like Obama is going to have to give up his trusty Blackberry:

WASHINGTON — Sorry, Mr. President. Please surrender your BlackBerry.

Those are seven words President-elect Barack Obama is dreading but expecting to hear, friends and advisers say, when he takes office in 65 days.

For years, like legions of other professionals, Mr. Obama has been all but addicted to his BlackBerry. The device has rarely been far from his side — on most days, it was fastened to his belt — to provide a singular conduit to the outside world as the bubble around him grew tighter and tighter throughout his campaign.

In my opinion, it’d be pretty awesome if he did lead the presidency into a new age of internet use.  On the other hand, I know Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s phones have been hacked and leaked before.  I barely have any sensitive information on my phone and I’d hate to have someone hack my phone, let alone the President’s!  Anyway, while it is unfortunate maybe towards the end of his term(s) he will be able to use one.  And while John Mayer seems to get all the new Blackberrys before anyone else, maybe they’ll start hooking up Obama?  That’ll be the day…

Full article here.


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