quicksilver for mac

I’ve been a long-time user of Quicksilver for Mac.  I had my MacBook for all of 24 hours before I installed it.  Regardless, none of my friends are using Quicksilver and I don’t understand why.  In addition, it’s pretty hard to explain all that Quicksilver can do.  I use it for launching applications, ejecting drives, opening bookmarks, etc.  It is true that you can do the same things on the computer without Quicksilver, but I think it makes it a lot easier.  Anyway, Hack College did a great article on how to set up Quicksilver and also utilize it’s powerful options.

P.S. Some kid tried starting a fight with me last night about Mac and PC products.  He claimed to hate Mac and Steve Jobs, yet had an iPhone.  What an idiot.  He probably wishes he could run Vista from his iPhone.  I love talking with people that hate on Mac just to hate on it.


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