cb2: robz’s picks from this modern design store

I found CB2 a couple months ago and really like the fact that the modern furniture they sell is not ridiculously overpriced.  I’ve perused the website over the past few weeks and thought I’d post up my favorites.  Some, like that mini-bar won’t be practical in my life for a while.  On the other hand, those shot glasses should be arriving in a few weeks.

  • Peekabo clear nesting tables: I love the versatility of nesting tables, space when you need ’em but they pack up nicely when you don’t.
  • Acacia mini bar: I love the look of this bar.  Everything you need, with a nice wood stain.  The modern look to it spruces up the wood finish.  And at $400, you can’t get any more affordable.
  • Mondrian media console: Most people opt for some ugly wooden armoire for their TV setup, but I like the more industrial look.  Throw a flat screen and a nice receiver on there and you’re set.
  • Cube wall shelf: A really simple look, but such a cool idea.
  • Array bookcase: I posted the DWR version of this item a couple days ago.  Construction is probably the same between both companies so I’d probably opt for this version and save some cash.
  • Graph desk: This would fit perfectly with my Macbook.  It was actually featured on Apartment Therapy or Design Milk somewhere, I just can’t find the link.  Again, affordable at $299.
  • Campbells soup print: I don’t know what to say other than that I’m a sucker for Warhol.
  • Curve barware: Affordable and cheap.  I love the uniqueness of handblown glass items and who doesn’t need more barware?
  • Louie shot glass: The best looking shot glasses I’ve found so far.  Affordable again but definitely hip.

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