album review: yung joc – hustlenomic$

I’ve been listening to a few new albums lately, and wanted to expose you guys to them.  This post is going to be mainly rap/hip-hop but the reviews to follow will be more diversified.  Anyway, after I buy a new album, I import it into iTunes and listen to each song.  If I don’t like the song after listening to about 20 seconds of it, I delete it (if I don’t like it now, what’s the point of keeping it?).  I’m going to post what albums I’ve bought recently and what songs I’ve kept from them:

Yung Joc – Hustlenomic$

I was hesitant about picking this album up, mainly due to the lame cover art, but there are song legit songs.

Track 4: ” Bottle Poppin’ ” – Reminiscent of Birdman’s “Pop Bottles” and featuring similar lines from Gorilla Zoe’s “Hood Figga”.

Track 8: ” I’m A G ” – Definitely the surprise from the album.  Such a sick xylophone type beat.  And it’s not just straight gangster, the chorus is, “I’m the seventh letter of the alphabet, I’m a G, and in my pockets there ain’t never nothing less, than a G”.  I feel like this song pairs well with an old Cadillac.

Track 11: ” I Be Gettin’ To The Money ” – Sounds like 50’s “I Get Money” but I’m feelin’ this one more.  There were plenty of times over the  summer where I dreaded driving to work, and this song definitely would have pumped me up to work and get that paycheck.  Oh well.  Great line from the song: “Eenie, menie, minie, moe, the Phantom or the Lambo, pop the trunk, nigga got straps like I’m Rambo”.
I can see pretty much any of those three songs turning into a single/music video.  I’d love if “I’m A G” was the music video, but who knows.  Definitely recommended to buy all three songs from iTunes.

One response to “album review: yung joc – hustlenomic$

  1. I thought I was the only person in the world who had this album….haven’t listened to it in about a year though. BTW, Coffee Shop by Joc is his best song.

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