urban outfitters: some great new items for your place

While in my opinion the clothing is lacking, I love Urban Outfitters assortment of wacky things.  Most of the items are not exclusive to UO but it is a great and comprehensive place to pick up something weird.  Anyway, I just got an email stating how they’ve added a bunch of new items and thought I’d post the best new products.

  1. Giant Inflatable Gnome: do you really need a reason to need one of these?
  2. No Regrets: a book documenting the most outrageous tattoos.  Probably should be required reading before you attempt to get a tattoo yourself.
  3. No Smoking book: Attempt from an interesting read, the packaging on this is next level.
  4. Giant Inflatable Mushroom: see reason #1.
  5. Christopher Walken A to Z: one of my favorite actors of all time gets detailed in his own book.
  6. We Are Happy To Serve You coffee cup: I’ve never even been to NYC and I want one.  I saw this a couple years ago on Turntable Lab but couldn’t stomach $20 for a coffee mug.

And I can’t believe this chair is on sale.  I wanted the red one as it’s the closest thing to a modern furniture purchase I’ll be for a long time.  Anyway, pick it up in turquoise or white for only $60 with $5 shipping and handling.

Check out everything else at Urban Outfitters.


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