new furniture / design pieces

Design-Milk, my favorite design blog has hit it hard this morning with some great new posts.  Top honors go to:

Drip lamp:

I don’t even know what to say about this other than make one that says Juice too and I’ll have one of each:

Design Milk also did a feature on this style of bookshelf.  I tried to convince my mother to pick up the one from DWR to no avail, maybe I can get her to buy one of the cheaper options.  Regardless, this design makes me want to buy more books just to fill it:

Additionally, everyone has been blogging about Pharrell’s chair with Domeau & Peres.  Aside from the great design, I love that it comes in leather, velour leather, or my favorite, veal skin.


I wasn’t blogging at this point, but the Drip table is still one of the coolest designs/concepts I’ve ever seen.  If only this made it to production…

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