mclaren slr 722 convertible: not quite the fastest

I was surprised to be reading on Hypebeast about the SLR drop top releasing.  After all, for a blog mainly about street wear, it seems interesting they are posting information about new cars dropping.

It is quite the sexy car, no doubt.  Regardless, they describe it as:

This German beauty will certainly become the fastest drop top in the world with its only competition possibly coming from the 602-hp Bentley Continental GTC Speed.

That seems interesting to me, because being an avid reader of Robb Report, there is quite a bit of evidence to the contrary.  Most notably, the big dog:

As much as I love you Hypebeast, stick to what you know.  If you don’t want Automobile magazine reporting about the latest SB drops, I would stop writing about cars.  And Merecedes – we know you weren’t targeting the Veyron.  You probably still win for the best value at 500k, but it must bother those SLR drivers that know the Veyron is out there lurking.


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