iphone apps pt. i

Having an iPhone for almost two weeks, I’ve been playing around with it non-stop.  I’ve finally got all my contacts, iCal and Photos updating from my MacBook and my Music updating from my PC (yes!) but I figured I would post what apps I’ve been using lately.  Other than the usuals, I use:

WordPress – Blog on the go!

eBay – When you don’t want to miss out on an auction

Facebook – What else needs to be said?

Twitterrific – Just the free version to get updates from SelfEdge and DesignMilk

Remote – Great app for controlling your iTunes via your iPhone.  Connects over Wi-Fi.

i.TV – TV Guide for your iPhone

Flip Clock – Great old-school clock

Wikiamo – The other Wiki app didn’t work for me, so I downloaded this one

AirSharing – Turn your iPhone into a wireless mountable hard drive


Say Who – Voice-recognition calling

Shazam – Listens to a song and tells you what it is

GraphCalc – A graphing calculator?

Sorry no visuals.  If anyone has any other apps they recommend, feel free to leave a comment.  I’ve got $20 more on iTunes so I might buy some more programs later.  I’m hooked.


2 responses to “iphone apps pt. i

  1. Dude try Calculator AXL instead of GraphCalc. It’s way better. It’s the equivalent of having a TI-86. And also you should try Showtimes (it’s free). It’s awesome!

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