my living room in 10 years

Not a prediction, a vow.  In all honesty, do you need more than this?

So the TV is lacking.  And that orange bowl looks a little misplaced.  But you have to admit, the Eames chairs, nicely curated bookcase and old man Withers in the painting tie it together.  I think I’d put a tube-based headphone amp and some Grados on the floor and call it a day.  This is proof that absolutely beautiful designed isn’t just about a sweet television or ridiculous paint schemes.  I think the photo is on Apartment Therapy somewhere, but I can’t seem to locate the link…

Oh and I need this 4 foot Companion.  He would fit in perfect in that room next to old man Withers.

Kaws 4 Foot Companion:

Yeah, you’re right.  It would look funny.  Maybe the Companion can take coats or something instead.


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