if you’ve got raw denim, you need….raw shoes?

These are just unbelievable.  I’ve been a slave to raw denim for almost two years and it is quite the addiction.  I’ve also used the same Sugar Cane belt for about 15 months and the incredible color and texture change from nude to the dark brown it is now is breathtaking.  These shoes, by George Esquivel for Blackbird, will provide the same type of transformation.  Oh, and the lows are so much better than the mids!


After only two months:

Comparison shot:

How much is the price to wrangle yourself a pair?  $750 for the lows and $795 for the boots.  Not cheap, but considering these’ll age and last for more than a decade…okay so they’re damn expensive.  F&$* the recession!

Oh, and here’s the transformation of a belt from Blackbird (9 months of wear).  We don’t mess around with pre-distressing here:

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