all-in-one charging station that isn’t ugly

As good of an idea they usually seem, valets/charging stations usually end up looking horrendous.  We aren’t quite yet to a society where you exist with only one device, and they need all need charging.  BlueLounge has finally succeded in making an attractive design, geared towards Mac/iPhone users in my opinion, with their “Sanctuary Charging Station”.

Okay, so it isn’t cheap at $130, and if you’ve already got a dock and no iPod, it is kind of pointless.  I think I’d rather have an iPhone dock and a Hermes or Bathing Ape leather change tray for my wallet/change/keys.

Bottom line: if you do have an iPod and phone and want something that is good enough to display, this is the device for you.

Edit: Thanks A+R store for removing the picture.  I’ll link them somewhere else.  Like it really was a drain on your bandwidth.  Amazon is cheaper anyway.


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