when the gmail notifier isn’t enough

I’ve used GMail notifier since it’s inception.  I love having the little icon on my taskbar that lets me know when I’ve got mail.  Unfortunately, if I’m somewhere else in my room, I can’t tell very easily and when I’m waiting for an email, I don’t want to have to be tied to my monitor.  This notifier solves all my problems, and lets me watch movies or relax somewhere else in my room and still know when I get an email.

Plug it in your USB port/hub, mount it somwhere, and you’re set.  It also lights up green, blue and red (not sure what each means) and you can assign sounds as well.  I wish it were a little bigger (maybe 6 x 8), but at that size, you might as well get another monitor.  Compared to most things I post, it’s a steal at $17.  I’ll take 2!


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