some amazing business cards

For the most part, what is on the business card is infinitely more important than the medium or format, but these designs really challenge that belief.  I only wish more traditional careers were accepting of cards in other formats.  I can’t imagine meeting a banker whose card was a clothes pin or some of the other designs.  The link has over 70, but here are a few of my favorites.  Now, where does one get something like this made?

Scratch Off:

As mentioned above, the clothes pin:

Very fitting to the company:

And definitely going to leave an impression on clients:

A lot more on the link.  I didn’t want to repost them all, but they all are great in their own right.  I wonder if most of the cards from graphic designers are their own card design, or if they hired somebody else to do it?  I hope it’s the former; that would be like BMW giving all their employees Mercedes’ as company cars.


2 responses to “some amazing business cards

  1. That’s awesome dude! Those are some expensive business cards to get made, but definitely bomb! Branding is fun for sure. Nice post man! Keep it up, some rad articles in here.

  2. ya pretty cool stuff
    really liked it 🙂

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